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11 Décor Gifts that Actually Make Sense

Admit it, we hate receiving décor gifts. The crockery, art, vase, upholstery and so on lies in a dump or in its original box, ready to be re-gifted. The gifts are invariably circulated and hence you are stuck in the rut of receiving boring and unimaginative gifts. The easiest trick in the book is to gift classics. Some items never go out of style. Break the cycle with 11 gift ideas from Homz!

1. Antique Wall Clock – Antiques either complement classic décor schemes or stylishly contrast minimalist schemes. Also, they hardly occupy any space.

Right on time and looks, a metal finished wall clock is truly evergreen. The trace of weathered metal is reminiscent of old world charm and character.

We also like the railway platform style clock upgraded with a little metal.

2. Ethnic Lights – Light the hallways, door entrance or simply use as a decorative light. Ethnic lighting, like antique clocks suit all décor styles.

Taking a cue from Orange Lane, ethnic lights are used in an Indian contemporary space.

The metal glass lights can practically adorn any space at home. It can be a very pretty addition to the puja room. Moroccan lights too, are a global favourite! You can never go wrong with it

3. Crystal Showpieces – Crystal is elegant and classy. A single crystal figurine is an apt centrepiece for dining and centre tables.

The turtle is an auspicious motif. Not only will it work as a centre-piece but also as a paper weight. It is classy, pretty to look at and functional! Who wouldn’t want that?

4. Spiritual Sculptures and Figurines – The audience for spiritual gifts is limited. But those with a pious outlook revel in figurines depicting deities.

Ganesh is a common favourite. Its form is such; it can be sculpted into many shapes and styles. The abstract is as famous as its traditional counterpart.

This one is sleek, modern and contemporary; perfect for homes and offices.

5. The Buddha – The Buddha is a much adored among by young and old; pious and agnostics.

With its spiritual annotations minus the religious annotations, Buddha is a safe choice of gift for the home.

6. The Ornate Candle Holder – Probably the most predictable, clichéd and common gift is the candle holder. This is probably why it works so well as a gift!

Simple and sweet, this candle holder will win you many accolades!

7. A Traditional Vase – Despite being common, vases are abhorred by many. The easiest route with the vase is the traditional one.

Opt for a vase with ethnic and traditional motifs. Or preferably one that’s handmade or an artisianal product. It might be a little expensive, but worth every penny. 

8. Simple Metallic Table Lamps – Table lamps are as tricky as vases. Everyone has their own preferences with lamps. The safest choice with table lamps is the simple and elegant metallic one.

Metals marry metals well. Say, a copper can easily pair with gold, brass, silver and so on. A simple metallic table lamp can be used in an office or home as it complements any décor style.

9. The Quirky Table Lamps – Either stick to a simple lamp or go all out with a quirky piece.

Someone with a sense of humour or eccentricity will appreciate this lamp. Nonetheless, one may either love it, or hate it. But definitely can’t ignore it!

10. Wooden Handicrafts – Wooden handicrafts are classics. Buy good quality wooden products that are polished in its natural finish.

The sweet Indian elephant will win anyone’s heart!

11. The Planter – A planter is one of the best gifts one can receive and gift.

When you gift someone a plant, you endow them a nurturing relationship with the plant. Plants bring in good luck, prosperity and are clinically proven to keep depression at bay. If in doubt, gift a plant!

It is said that charity begins at home and what goes around, comes around! So the next time you pick a gift for someone else’s home, put in a little more thought and effort. Or simply shop at Homz.in!