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4 Bookshelves Design To Inspire The Reader In You

“Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes the house”- Henry Ward Beecher

With increasing digitization of reading material and lack of storage space, books and bookcases have started to become a rarity in our compact houses. But for a puritan, the kindles and ipads can never replace the smell and feel of a paperback.Even if it is not possible to create a flourishing library or a study room in our modern cramped houses, one could always have a functional yet beautiful bookshelf installed or even create a wall of books to utilize space. Here are few design ideas for bookshelves.

This ladder styled bookcase, designed by The Orange Lane, adds to aesthetics of the room and and blends in harmoniously with the rustic feel of the room. The 5 tier large shelves are large enough to hold different sized books and could also be used to place other knick knacks for a warm lived-in feeling.It is easy to maintain, saves space and is not heavy on your pocket.

An empty wall is all that you need to build a library. This blue colored book wall, designed by Elan, is ideal for creating a statement. The different sized shelves can hold beautiful hand bound books and at the same time act as a showcase for coffee table issues. The striped couch and framed art provides the perfect backdrop for this library.

This wooden book case, designed by Design Concept Studio, is innovative, creative and practical. If you like to keep your books organized in a clutter free setting, this could be a good addition to your house. The different cabinets can be used to store different genres of books.The smooth wooden finish and clean lines would blend in with minimalist themed rooms. It almost seems like an art installation than a bookshelf!

A well lit nook of the house can be turned into a book corner. This bookshelf, designed by Nitido Design, doesn’t take much space and one can enjoy coffee, view and a book (in whichever order you prefer). It is perfectly installed between the wall and column and painted white to blend in seamlessly with the living room. In addition to books, one can also use it to display indoor plants and framed pictures.

Bookshelves adds functionality and personality  to your room. A  bookshelf can also be used to display your collectibles or pictures or some other items for adding interest. So what are you waiting for, search for bookshelves designs on Homz for your next inspiration.