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5 Fabulous Ways to Light Up Your Home this Diwali

The festival of lights is just around the corner. Diwali in true sense is Deep-a-vali which means lined with deepams. This Diwali try these amazing ideas to decorate your home and win over praises from your loved ones. Celebrations times are also family times hence all these ideas are super simple and kids’ friendly too!

A traditional arrangement

A well-lit home brings prosperity the whole year through. We have been hearing this from our elders since we were kids. So let us begin by decorating the foyer or the entrance to our home. I have always liked the orange and gold combo especially during festive occasion. What better way to welcome your loved ones with marigolds and lanterns!

This is a simple lighting idea. Get loads of Marigolds and earthen diyas from the market. Line the staircase and the foyer space with flowers and place the lamps. You can also add brass lamps and diyas to give an ethnic touch instead of the metal lanterns.

Fruity Light Decor

This is a slight DIY activity. Do not worry, not difficult at all. You can use oranges or apples for this kind of lighting activity. Just take an apple. From the center the stem has to be removed. Take the help of craft knife and scoop out the apples from the center .The next step is to insert a wax T-light /battery t-light inside the apple. Keep in mind that the scooped out apple has to match the dimension of the T-light.

Also remember to switch on the battery T-light before you insert it into the apple. Wasn’t this easy? Do as many as you would love to and turn them into a tablescape. Along with the sweets and other delicacies placed on the table, your DIY light is sure to win hearts too!

Tip: Remember to put lemon juice on the exposed part of the apples to avoid them turning black

You can try a similar one with Oranges too! Orange votive not only light up your space but also gives out a mild fragrance. Cut the orange in half, scoop out the insides, cut a hole in the top half, put a tea-light candle inside, and Lo! You have your votive ready. Now as per your choice you can surround it with cloves and as the candle burns the cloves also release their scent along with the fruity flavor of the orange.

One for the pretty girls

Another very simple DIY for the pretty girls who would want to help their mummies. Collect all the lovely bangles and place them one above the other. Place a T-light inside the circle. Be sure to cover the height of the T-light with bangles such that it is not visible. Instant lighting ready and no need to wait for the electrician to come and fix up the lantern. Arrange as many as you want. Interspersed with flowers they will look awesome.

One for the boys too!

Why should the girls have all the fun? Time for the boys to show their artistic side. They are such a beach lover. With a collection of various sea shells it is sure to be put into good use this Diwali.

Dig into your beach collection. Just turn them upside down and pour wax, keeping the wick steady on the shells with the help of a little weight like may be a pencil… Place the sea shells in a bowl or separately in various corners of your home.

Ideas with string lights and fairy lights

Now for some ideas with string and fairy lights. Decide on what you would like to highlight. It can be as simple as a long mirror in the foyer to a pretty used glass bottle.

Now this one is so classy. Just push a string of these lights below the console table and you have such a lovely setting!

So now apart from the traditional arrangement that you always had on Diwali, experiment with these easy lighting methods. Am sure you are going to love it. These arrangements are born of a little, out of the box thinking. You too can go ahead and invent such fun ideas. Do not forget to share them with me!