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6 Ways To Glam Up A Minimalist Home!

Glamour and minimalism is an oxymoron of the highest order! Minimalism strips down design to its basics and glamour celebrates the spirit of ornamentation. Classic styles resonate with ornamentation and opulence. Minimalist homes steer the sensibilities towards clean lines, austere decor and muted colours. Is it possible to achieve both? It sure is!

Homz.in brings you 10 ways to keep it minimalist with a touch of glamour. Or opt for a glamorous home while sticking to minimalist principles.  Here’s how!

1. Shelves as Accessories – Shelves are needed in every home. So instead of resorting to the stereotypical horizontal members, you could jazz it up with fun forms, colours and orientations. The shelves automatically double as storage and accessory, creating an interesting focal point.

There are two ways to go about decorating with shelves. If the form of the shelf overwhelms and overpowers decor, paint the shelf in the same colour as the wall.

Or if the shelf is not as dynamic in form, paint it in vibrant colours to stand out from the wall!

2. Decals – Decals occupy no space physically but can add immense visual value to decor.  Opt for florals and paisleys to infuse a classic character to contemporary decor.

If opting for vibrant shades against plain walls, stick to a single large decal.

If you are adorning entire walls, go for muted colours. The form and patterns will bring in embellishment and the sober colours will exercise control.

The patterns are vivid in terms of line-work, but the colours are monochromes of the wall paint shade. This keeps the space contemporary, but borders on classic glamourous style. 

3. Accent Furniture – Accent furniture is tricky to pull off as one treads a line between ostentatious and low-key. The secret is to choose between colour and form.

While the living room is contemporary and modern, the designer chooses to juxtapose a Colonial style chair to create a focal point in the seating arrangement. It adds aesthetic value without taking away from the original concept. But reserve the accent to a single piece of furniture. And if it is colour you desire, stick to sleek forms.

Simple solid colours infuse cheek and vibrancy effortlessly. You could try a similar scheme by deploying traditional panel doors in a contemporary home.

4. Mirrors – Mirrors spell magic! Apart from the conventional mirror on the wall, mirrors can be tweaked to be used in a plethora of ways to glamourize ascetic spaces.

The dining room is sleek and functional. A mirrored artwork adorns the wall in the form of minute pieces composed together. The chandelier is chrome finished to resemble a mirrored surface. While the elements virtually and visually occupy minimal space, the space appears grand and extravagant without going overboard.

5. Decorative Lighting – Lights effortlessly cast a magical spell if fused with art. Think floor lamps, chandeliers, wall sconce and even fairy lights!

Interspersing a classic chandelier in a simple dining room instantly transforms minimalist to magnificent.

The stooping floor lamp yet again dominates the decor with its form.

The simplest of bedrooms upgraded with concealed light that lend a glow to the space! The frames, floor and colours are muted. The room is entirely devoid of ornamentation but the lights on the ceiling and under the bed lend resplendence and glitz!

6. Use Metallic Colours and Finishes – Glamour is quintessentially associated with shiny things and reflective surfaces. 

Glass marries metal to reduce visual bulk and the shiny metal creates ornamentation in the form of bling. They perfectly counterbalance to achieve equilibrium.

Or use metal in the form of graphics, decals and prints against a muted backdrop. Functional design with minimal elements is not an excuse to hold back on a little extravagance and embellishment!

With a little creativity, even the most disparate schemes can work in cohesion!