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9 Stunning Staircase Stories!

Once a purely functional and structural aspect of a house, staircases have long evolved into an architectural and décor statement. Never has the choice of material and technology been as varied as the options available today. Your staircase should resonate with the décor style of your home and reflect your personality. A staircase, we feel is art in motion though stationery. A design element of high aesthetic value, a staircase can add immense sculptural character to the house! We’ve consolidated 9 show-stopping designs to bring to you some stunning staircase stories from the best homes of Homz!

1. Frame House by GRCA

Staircases are basically transition spaces and there’s no reason why the transition cannot be a beautiful one! The designer treats the mid-landing as a design feature with its own distinct character. The step seamlessly continues as a bund of sorts to contain the indoor landscaping and create a wall for the art-work. And the feature also fashions into a storage unit below it! Mixing style and storage never looked as stunning as this!

2. Ozone Penthouse by SM Studio

At first glance, one might be apprehensive to place foot over these steps owing to their transparent and floating quality. Much like the rest of the house, the staircase too is sleek, minimalist with a cutting edge high-fashion feel to it. The main support to the staircase is anchored inside the wall, from where the staircase is cantilevered outwards. Keeping in line with the minimalist feel of the home, there are no handrails provided here; just a textured wall for grip. Pretty cool we think, but not very user friendly. But the décor style gets full marks from us otherwise!

3. Sheer House by Kumar Moorthy & Associates

Aesthetic, chic and a structural marvel, this staircase is supported by a single stringer at the base and top. The rest of the staircase is simply suspended evoking awe and mystery as the entire staircase system appears floating in air! The fixtures are sleek and delicate adding to its weightless and delicate quality. But what we especially love about the staircase is that it visually as well as physically divides the living room into different zones at different levels. The difference in levels adds a hint of drama and efficiently segregates the entrance and living spaces.

4. Suttati Residence by BNK Group

In a home characterized by lush opulence and grandeur, the staircase is its most striking feature. Rising like a phoenix over the double heighted living room, the staircase is a grand and imposing show-stopper. It segregates the transition space from the habitable areas effectively. Yet again, we encounter a staircase devoid of railings apart from the peripheral glass enclosure at the mid-landing level, giving the staircase an open and airy vibe despite its overbearing demeanour. Slightly hazardous but totally stylish!

5. Countryside by Jayesh Shah Architects

While seemingly simple at first glance, it is the attention to minute details that make this space as a whole really stand out. Clad in Jaisalmer marble and wood, the construction is pretty standard. But the first 3 steps are staggered with a cut-out in the third one to accommodate the dainty bamboo plants. It’s a simple detail but really defines the landscaped patch in the staircase atrium effectively. The corner window is unlike any conventional opening. Every junction and corner seems crafted with immense attention to detail, including the mid-landing that is snugly secured within the window frame.

6. SC Residence by Aamir and Hameeda

The best form of beauty is simplicity, holds aptly true for this rustic staircase. Set against an exposed stone wall, the trio of metal, wood and stone come together beautifully. Clean and straight lines, the minimal embellishment is proof that well-designed spaces do not need any additional beautification!

7. Saj Villa by Tao Architecture

Simple with a literal twist, the suspended ropes are an effective, inexpensive yet trendy spin on conventional handrails. A regular RCC staircase is commendably transformed into an art of sorts with the use of the coloured ropes. It gives an appearance of being weightless yet retains a handrail for support.

8. Elegant Residence by Spaces Architect

Washed in sunlight, the staircase flight and the flicker of sunrays create a composition of their own. Incorporating the staircase with the horizontally striped mass of wall that cuts through both floors is a feature that visually connects both levels in the house. This also ensures that the staircase is not very overwhelming or dominating the elegant and understated house.

9. Wooden House by Kumar Moorthy & Associates

The open well staircase atrium houses an indoor landscape patch and water body while crafting a transition space along its periphery. The passage along the periphery of the green patch compels the user to experience the indoor landscape when they approach the staircase. Ingenious, right?

So if you do have the spatial luxury of incorporating a stairway, go ahead and step up in style!