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4 Beautiful Staircase Designs

Staircase is one of the most integral design element in a multistoried house. No more is a staircase considered just a part of architectural necessity. It is indeed a focal point of the house due to its sheer size. Architects and home designers experiment and try to create staircases which complement and blend in harmoniously with the other décor elements but at the same time are unique and noticeable.

In terms of designs, there are numerous choices such as spiral, curved, floating or L- shaped staircases. In addition to design, combination of material used also determines how a staircase would look. For example, an industrial styled railing with wooden steps blends harmoniously with contemporary or minimal interiors. To know which staircase works for you, you need to consider space, function, material and most importantly, it should blend with the rest of the décor. Here are some of the few staircases’ designs for inspiration which are beautiful as well as practical.

This contemporary wooden staircase, designed by Team Design, is classy and also adds a rustic outdoor touch to the space. It blends in seamlessly with the décor because of natural tendency of wood to add warmth and texture but at the same time, stands out due to its innovative design detail.

This curved staircase, designed by Innerspace Group, with glass railing acts as an accent piece in home décor. The transparent glass provides a sense of openness. Such staircases are also safer than other steep and narrow spiral versions. Visually they look very elegant and add a personality to the space.

This wood and glass floating staircase, designed by smstudio, works very well for modern contemporary houses. The stairs are made of wood with horizontal design details and are held together by glass wall. The transparent glass adds to the aesthetics and also provides protection. This staircase is perfect for small houses which do not have much space and each element needs to be perfectly aligned and balanced to create as much room as possible.

This staircase, designed by Jayesh Shah Architects, highlights asymmetry in terms of size and texture of wooden planks. The variation adds interest to an otherwise simple design of wooden stairs with a white metal railing. The style of staircase complements the minimalist themed décor in the house. The space under the staircase is efficiently used for light plantations.

Tell us what are your favorite staircase designs!