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Coffee Table Designs

Coffee tables or centre tables are the focal point of any living room. A well crafted coffee table inspires the décor around it and also accentuates the look of the entire room. Nowadays coffee tables are designed as standalone décor items and hence it is important to style and dress them immaculately. A perfect coffee table should be functional, durable and generally the same height or one to two inches lower than the height of your sofa. Here are some inspiring coffee table designs.

This beautiful wooden coffee table is perfect for a classic and traditional sitting lounge. The dark rich brown color adds depth. The table is supported by curved legs and has storage shelf underneath. It goes well with earthy toned furniture and can be styled with small chests or small decanters. Avoid placing items of the same size or height to add visual interest and flow.

This glass and marble table sits as an accent piece in a minimalist living room. The tan sofa and subtle textured wall form the perfect backdrop for this table. The styling is subtle and the entire effect comes across as sophisticated and modern.

Another option for a coffee table could be this slick black colored low table. It is modern, contemporary and can easily become the most dominant piece in the room. The table is simple and can be styled with a vase of fresh flowers or crystal pieces.

This wooden L-shaped low table is perfect for formal living rooms. It is smooth, classy and acts as a display piece. The rug beneath it accentuates its design. It complements the neutral color scheme of the room. It can be styled with a bonsai plant or a brass or wooden tray with knick knacks for added panache.

Coffee tables are available in metal, wood, glass and various styles such as antique, contemporary or eclectic. While choosing a coffee table, one needs to have clarity about the theme of the room. With so many options available, it should not be difficult to choose one that fits in perfectly but stands out at the same time.