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Creating a Feature Wall

A feature wall is a wall that highlights its features creating a focal point in a room. It can add interest and dash of personality without being over the top. It is the easiest way to revamp a room on a budget or a deadline. It is a great way to experiment with colors, designs, shapes and patterns. If these elements are used with proper care and incorporated within the existing design, it can make the room look stylish, sophisticated and chic.

Here are the few useful tips for choosing the right feature wall.

Which wall is best?

The most important thing to consider is to choose the right wall. As a basic rule, choose a wall where your eyes are naturally drawn to when entering the room. It is advised to choose a plain wall without windows or doors if you have to create a theme but alcoves and mantels make a great feature as well.

How and what to highlight?

The second important decision to make while creating a feature wall is what is it that you need to highlight and how to do it. In case if you need to highlight your collectibles such as china plates or your kettle collection, paint the wall with a color complementary to other walls of the room and furniture. You can also highlight alcoves on a wall by spotlighting and arranging knick knacks. You can also hang pictures or photo frames across one wall in a room to make a feature of your album collection.   


How many feature walls can we have?

Less is more. Don’t get carried away and have a feature wall in every room. Use the concept sparingly. It looks disjointed and confusing if you have a feature wall in every room of your house.

These are just few tips to help you understand feature walls. You can, however experiment and branch out to something new. While devising a feature wall, just remember the mood you need to define in the room and work your way around it.