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Designing by Wallpaper

The use of wallpapers can add more drama, color and individuality to the room. Here are few pointers to ensure that you choose the wallpaper which harmonizes with the space you want to decorate.  

Wallpaper Patterns:

● Horizontal patterns creates an effect of widening of the room; thus giving an impression of lower ceiling height.

● Vertical designs or patterns makes the ceiling look higher than it actually is.

● Large patterns looks best in a spacious room as it makes the room look more intimate while small patterns look good in small rooms as they create a sense of spaciousness.

A major obstacle while choosing a wallpaper is not knowing how it is going to look when you cover the complete wall. Here are a few guidelines before choosing a wallpaper:

● The living room is more of a social space where you spend quality time with your family and friends. The patterns on the wall should be welcoming, colorful and fun. Try sampling a portion to see how it will play out amidst your current setting.

● Bedrooms are a place for relaxation. Small, simple and floral patterns in pastel are suitable as they are refreshing and relaxing. Pick soothing colors sporting simple patterns.

● Geometrical pattern give a sense of space and are edgy. Such patterns can be used in home offices or study rooms.

Color of the wallpaper determines the mood of the room.

● Choose wallpapers with soft cool colored background like blue, green or violet as they make the room look bigger and luminous. While intense shades of cool colors gives a dramatic and fresh look to the room.

● Warm colors such as- red, yellow and orange makes the room warmer and welcoming. As the intensity of these colors increases the room appears to be more exciting and fun-like.

● Black and white wallpaper patterns create depth in the room. It highlights the existing furniture and other décor accessories. Such wallpapers visually increase the living space and add an elegant and attractive look to the room

So use these guidlines and add that dash of color to your living environ.