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6 Ways to Diwali Decor on a Budget

Diwali is that time of the year when our homes are at their prettiest and cleanest. Or so we strive to achieve. I guess the toughest thing at this time of the year is to stick to a budget and not go overboard with shopping for décor items and other knick-knacks. And we don’t blame you for it. No matter where you look, you see pretty diyas calling out to you alluringly. Or the perfect toran to adorn your main door. And who can miss the lovely array of lanterns lined up so enchantingly.. It’s difficult to not be bewitched and succumb to temptation. But difficult is not impossible. Hence, we have lined up ways to create your own décor accessories this Diwali with resources from the convenience of your own home! And we promise that no store bought merchandize can come close to what you create with your own hands!


You surely have a lot of ethnic wear that is lying unused in the closet. Convert them into cushion covers to match the Diwali theme. The great thing about cushions is that you can mix and match as many prints, colours and patterns and they still look amazing. However ensure that the other upholstery on the chairs, sofa, diwans, etc. is a solid colour.

Another great trick with cushions are no-sew covers. You could simply take a stole of your choice and wrap it around the cushion and fasten with a neat knot. Turn the cushion upside down, with the knot hidden underneath and you have a lovely new cushion at your disposal. Once the festivities are over, your garment goes back into the closet, safe and sound. Everyone’s a winner!


Old sarees, unused dupattas make for amazing dummy curtains. Flimsy and light-weight fabrics like chiffon and georgette work amazingly well since they fall beautifully and will not weigh down the décor of your house like Benarasi and Kanjeevaram silk. Use light and airy colours, especially whites, nudes and creams. Since it is Diwali, we are sure that there will be a lot of details into play, colourful rangolis, bright lights, and a whole lot of glitter and shimmer. Curtains must only provide a backdrop to compliment your décor and not overpower the overall scheme of things.

Rangoli from the Kitchen

Diwali is synonymous with beautiful rangolis. Rangoli, usually used to adorn the floor gets a contemporary twist here. I personally detest sweeping off the rangoli the next day. It’s heartbreaking to dispose the rangoli which is created with such love, attention and detail. Yes we know we have all been through it. Flower rangolis too, wither away. And God forbid, if any careless child or adult messes it up.. To combat these potential mishaps we propose you try a grain and pulse rangoli. You could use rice (white), masoor (orange), moong (yellow and green), rajma (red), etc. It could be made in a plate and placed over a decorated stool or bench. You could even cover the same with a transparent cling.


Wedding Card Toran

With the ongoing wedding season, you surely have a lot of invites lying around the house which will be soon discarded. Wedding cards are beautiful, colourful and festive. Cut them up in beautiful paisleys or simple squares. If you don’t like the cards you could simply paint them. The stiff texture of the cards ensures that they will hold their shape well.  Get the children to work and be prepared to be amazed!


Gold Spray Paint

We cannot summarize in a single blog post how much one can do with gold spray paint. Yes, it is a small investment and we know we promised you in the beginning that this one’s all about stuff from your home. But excuse us since all the other materials are from your garden. Get rocks and dry branches and clean them properly at least a day in advance. Let it dry in the sun for a day and spray paint it with the golden paint. Place them in a large glass vase and you will have the most unique center piece in your entire circle! Gold obviously works beautifully with the theme of Diwali. If you want to take the off beaten path, you could even experiment with copper and silver. Or mix and match because metals marry well with each other.

And since its Diwali, we really cannot get enough of lights! If you have old wine bottles or glass bottles, you could fill them up with fairy lights and line them by the window. Very chic, contemporary and absolutely effortless! Old cans can be cut up and stuck on walls against a ply with a tea-light candle on them.


Newspaper Lantern

Abundantly available in all households, newspapers can be crafted into amazing décor products! This chandelier can work amazingly as a lantern in the balcony!

We’ve covered everything right from home décor to rangoli to accessories. So let the creative juices flow this Diwali. Let the festival of lights also be the festival of magic, inspiration and ingenuity!