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3 Ideas for Foyer Design

A foyer in a house is usually a small entry area or room by the front door.  In simple words, it is a hallway or an entryway. Foyer is a tricky space. It is usually narrow or at an angle and might look dark or dull. While decorating a foyer, the idea should be to use designs that take up little less physical space yet adds an element of functionality and design aesthetic that jives with the main living area.

There are various styles to decorate foyers. Few of them are listed below:

1. Entryway Design Styles

First and foremost, you need to decide on what design style you would like to convey. For example, if your home has a glamorous vibe then adding a sleek mirrored console in the entryway will help set the tone of the house. For a vintage space, consider placing an antique chest or a carved mirror with floral pattern. If you have a contemporary house, your entryway can boast of modern art on walls or a small chandelier.

2. Small Foyers

If you have small foyer, it can still be decorated to make a stylish first impression. Use lighter colors and brighter décor to give the small space an open feel to it. You can also use a cluster of small hanging ball chandeliers to cast light on the corridor. If you do not have space for furniture, add a potted plant or hang mirrors which look trendy and also double up as a handy spot for last minute checks on the way out. If all you have is a bit of wall space, paint it with a colorful hue and hang a striking piece of art.

3. Furniture in a foyer

If you have space for furniture, you can add a console, a couch or sofa or a rack for storage.  A narrow console or accent table serves a catchall for everyday items like keys, mails and family reminders. A versatile bench with cubbies beneath can also be used and it would keep items tucked away out of sight. You can add an inviting cushioned wooden chair with a carved wooden table if you have space in the foyer.

Other than the above mentioned ideas, you could also place a vase or floral arrangement or a floor lamp in your foyer. The space can set the tone for your entire home, but don’t be intimidated by its prominent location. Be practical as you consider how the area can best serve you and your family. Most of all enjoy the challenge of blending organization and style to create a space that reflects your personality.