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4 Inviting Door Designs

Although considered minor elements in the designing plan, doors add architectural style and detail to the house. Entry doors must be strong and welcoming. The bedroom doors must be incorporated harmoniously with the theme and look of the room. Here are some varied door ideas to seek inspiration from.

This solid hinged entry door is tough and sturdy. The matte golden brass door knocker and the same color handle goes well with the dark wood. The wooden door frame with a vertical design detail makes the door look larger and draws attention. This is perfect for those who like classic and contemporary designs.

This textured heavy metal door has a period feel to it.The matte double doors are decorated with ring pulls. The door complements the matte finish wall that has rivut holes in it. The door looks very dramatic and can be used for larger spaces such as bungalows and penthouses.

A cheerful blue colored windowed door works well as a balcony or patio door. The metal window panes with glass inset are safe and allow the light inside the room. A colored door looks inviting and adds that design element to a subtle room.

This bifold jali door goes harmoniously with the traditional décor. The dome shaped wooden frames and the ethnic ornamental pattern would work beautifully for a mandir door or as a dividing screen in a large living area.

Doors are the first impression of our houses. The different materials and unique designs nowadays have made doors not just privacy provider but also an integral part of a room’s décor. With the different styles, designs and types available, doors can be functional as well as aesthetic too.