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4 Beautiful Kids Room Ideas

Children’s surroundings greatly impact the way they grow and develop and thus a lot of emphasis is laid on the textures, colors and safety in a kid’s bedroom.  For a child, a bedroom is much more than a place to relax and sleep. It is a place to slumber, pile up their toys, do their homework, play, hide their treasure, and day dream. A kid’s bedroom is one room in the house where you can unleash your creativity.

Each child has a fantasy; be it sleeping in a princess bed or one which is shaped as a pirate ship or superhero themed walls. It is therefore advisable to get the kids involved in the designing process. Use colors and furniture which can be easily replaced or reused in some other form in the years to follow. Here are some ideas for a cheerful and fun kid’s bedroom:

This princess themed bedroom is suitable for a little girl. The different shades of pink used in the room are soothing and calming. The curtains are flowing, sheer and lightly patterned and give a very feminine feel to the room. The room is designed in a simple way with a study table and chest of drawers being the only major pieces of furniture.

The pale colored wall in this bedroom forms the perfect backdrop for the art. The red and brown colored wall art is cheerful and fun but not jarring. All children love the idea of secret or hidden spaces in their rooms. The round drawers are designed as a staircase which leads to a small corner behind the bed. The corners of the bed are rounded to ensure safety. The room is designed to accommodate the design changes easily over the years as the child grows up.

This bedroom is designed keeping in mind the constraints of space. The walls are painted white to give an illusion of expanded space. The monochrome wall is complementing the different colors in the room beautifully. The study table is wide and cabinets above it for storage would ensure that the room is clutter free. The room has plenty of natural light and a relaxed feel to it.

For a child who loves to read, this is an appropriate room. With book shelf as the focal point, this room is designed with simple and clean lines. The area near the sliding window uses few colors in form of hangings and curtain shade to mark its distinction from the rest of the room. The bookshelf is above the bed and the child can easily reach out to it. The well lit window corner is perfect for reading or stockpiling toys. The room design is versatile and different design elements can be added easily over time as per the changing preferences.

Children’s room should be a haven for them. It is always good to add few colors or unique pieces of furniture.Using a lot of colors or different textures or elements such as curved ladders, ropes, objects with sharp corners is best avoided. It could lead to disturbing patterns of sleep and might not be very safe. Keep these basic things in mind and bond with your children over designing of their room and most importantly have fun doing so.