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The Magic Of Mirror In Your Home

From decorating walls to increasing the lighting or making a small room look larger, mirrors can do wonders to your decor.

Here are 6 smart ways to use mirrors in your home.

1. Mirrors as Decorative Windows - Place a large mirror on the opposite wall of a window. It’s a great way to make a small dark room appear brighter and larger. Mirrors also create an illusion of depth in the room interior. 

2. Make a Mirror the Focus - Replace the chest or an ornate fireplace as the focal point by placing a jazzy decorative mirror above it. This will make the room look less crowded and reduce the attention on that focus piece. Don’t be afraid to use broad framed mirrors as they make a statement and create a dramatic effect, which cannot be achieved by any other décor element.

3. Add Interest to hallway - Create distraction for your eyes while walking down your hallway, with a big mirror or a group of small mirrors together on the side walls. This will also brighten the narrow dark hallway.

4. Brighten up your entry - Alike the hotel rooms; you can use this trick by placing a mirror at your entrance, right opposite the main door. You can team the mirror with a narrow table with a flower arrangement and lamps. This makes the room more welcoming and spacious.

5. Highlight a Feature - If you want to show off a lamp, a beautiful painting or a sculpture, simply hang a mirror on the opposite to it. This will enhance its beauty and also reflect light on it. If you already have many patterns, bright colors and furniture in your room choose a narrow and fuzz-free frame that matches the décor.

6. Bring the Outdoor Inside - Place a ceiling-to-floor mirror on the opposite wall of a window that leads to a garden. This will create an illusion of the nature being inside the room. Placing one next to the dining table is said to bring fortune and wealth.