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"When I work I use a blank white sheet of paper and a pencil. You can do magic."

Design philosophy is nothing but just your state of mind that emphasizes your mood, the thought process, emotions, freedom, etc which in turn makes a design success or a failure. For me, it is just a business of trust and nothing more but a thinking made visual. An amalgamation of the space constraints put to the maximum use and functionality, my knowledge together to make it a metaphor for  the client's personality. 

Educated in Pune (India) and traveled extensively around the globe, I have expanded my design horizons in every  project completed till date. Elite yet simple, different yet familiar and aesthetic yet functional are the few characteristics that revolve around while designing any space. Traveled the world but attached to the traditional roots have made me derive my design line of marrying the traditional environment with the contemporary living. Working simultaneously on various projects as a single man army (as I call it) has made me gain confidence, pride and honor in my design and thought process over a period of years.


Flat No- 02, ‘Pravara’ building,
Patrakar Nagar, Senapati 
Bapat Road,
Pune 411016

Phone Number

+91 9881098178



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