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Combining coziness with a visual appeal, a bedroom should have it all. Unwind, de-stress and retreat, the space should succumb to all your spontaneous desires. An interesting, still simple mix of furniture, wall art, décor and other bedroom essentials can turn your home into a warm and welcoming place. If there’s one place in your home where you can enjoy free rein in terms of interior design, it’s surely is your bedroom. This space is crying out for the personal touch, and you can feel uninhibited when it comes to testing out new looks. 

While making important decisions about your bedroom, do consider inputs from your better half too. Barring the two of you aside, no others opinion or designing aesthetics should prevent you from creating your dream retreat. Coming to designing, selecting the right kind and size of furniture holds immense significance. Furniture pieces are usually bold, big in dimension and have the ability of defining the style of any bedroom. Thus, spending quality time and thought in identifying the right furniture, and more importantly its layout, will play core. Before you buy a new furniture set, be sure to consider the bedroom size. Even though you may need three cabinets and two wardrobes, you might not have the adequate space. Take the help of professionals, measure the furniture, chalk it out on paper and visualize where it will go so that you can judge its eventual tangible outcome. Be sure to leave plenty of walking space, and double check that drawers and cabinets have enough room to open properly. When picking your bed spot, think about windows, doors and placement of the bathroom.

Once this is in place, picking an appeasing color palette for the walls will set the future vibe of your bedroom. When selecting paint colors for bedrooms, the first thing to consider is temperature. While warm colors advance towards the eye and appear more active, creating a stimulating effect, cool colors tend to recede, producing a more calming and relaxing impact. That said, there's a lot of variation on the cool color spectrum; a bright green and a pale blue can create bedrooms with drastically different ambiances. If cool colors aren't your cup of tea, warm hues that are light and subtle, such as soft yellows or pinks, can also feel soothing.

Lighting, paintings, upholstery and other decorative pieces can follow and require lesser effort and time. Those of you looking for a master space instead of just a nice place to sleep, try adding a sitting room, master bathroom and walk-in closet. Create your own personal reading corner by stocking some of your favorite books together with a comfortable chair and effective lighting.

Explore our stunning bedroom designs contributed by a number of prominent interior designers. We have no doubt these images will stir you to recreate your daily escape.