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Dining Room

Dining rooms are a focal point in any house; they bring family and friends together on grand occasions and are our chambers of celebration. It is the theatre of the home, whether used as a place for family to discuss the happenings of the day or as a room for entertaining and dinner parties, the décor sets the scene. Held in such high esteem, the importance of these rooms ought to be reflected in their aesthetic. Strong colors can work wonderfully in dining rooms, creating a dramatic, intimate atmosphere that’s perfect for entertaining.

Since a dining room is quite simple, it is often hard to decorate and renovate. One of the easiest changes you can make is changing the furniture. As the piece of focus, your dining set should be your biggest investment in this room. Take time to consider what size and style works best for your space, and don't be afraid to splurge — a good dining table can last you decades. While deciding on a table, consider the number of people it will need to contain. If you live in a nuclear family with extended family members visiting once in a while, you can purchase one with a table leaf so that you can accommodate guests but still have a smaller table for more intimate gatherings. Be sure to measure the table and think about chair movement to ensure that everyone at the table can get in and out without much effort.

Once you have a table of choice and requirement, find ways to add some storage for all that extra dinnerware and barware. In addition to cabinetry, consider plate racks, wall shelves, and corner china cupboards. All these use little space while providing handy inches. You can include a bar displaying the best available liquor collection, as this will add a stylish touch to your dining area. Moving on to the décor, using fun colors and interesting accessories is an easy way to add personality to a room that can easily become a cookie-cutter. From wallpaper to furniture, a dining room is an easy space to decorate as it normally has just one function. If you have a small space think carefully about the colors you choose. Don’t be afraid to use bold shades, which can look striking even in a compact room. From statement wallpaper to amazing window treatments, the dining room can be a place of indulgence, but think about practical options too. Wood flooring and plenty of storage may be a good idea if you have a very busy home.

Whether you dream of a glamorous, modern, traditional, or romantic look for your dining room, we can help you achieve your goal. Explore designs contributed by prominent interior designers & brands and then work on transforming your dining space.