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Living Room

A living room area holds immense significance in any home. Living room is that place where you unite with other members of your family to share some quality time maybe over an old television soap, cup of cappuccino, competitive game of Monopoly, discussions about the current affairs or personal family matters; in short, living room can be consumed for it all.

Since living room caters to every family member of your house it become necessary to identify the focal activity or theme that will embrace it. If you all enjoy watching movies and television shows, make sure there is ample space on a wall to accommodate a big sized television, as well as, elements of a sound system all along the area. If your kids enjoy playing board and video games, there should be a lot of comfortable seating so that one does not realize the number of hours spent engrossed in the game. You may be an ardent reader, so bring in bookshelves, supportive lighting, tables and chairs that will quench your thirst for knowledge and verbal adventure. Once you figure out your top feature and theme, invest in those built-ins. Finally, once the big components are planned out in your head, put in some thought on the remodeling and décor that will best suit you, your family and the available space. 

While remodeling your living room, try to create a more functional space, while adding value to your home. Designate an area for a multipurpose office space that everyone in the family can use. Work closely with your builder to mimic your home's original style and structure so the new addition feels like a seamless extension of your house. The additional square footage will also add to your home's value. Finding a discreet place for media systems, personal items and extra storage can be difficult. Custom built-ins will showcase your belongings and keep your main living space organized. Once the basic remodeling is sketched out on paper, proceed to décor. When it comes to decorating, neutrals are always the safe option since they look sleek and never go off vogue. If you do want to try out a bolder color scheme, add color with walls, accessories and personalized items. That way, if you get bored of a color, you can quickly repaint the walls and find new knickknacks, instead of having to replace your upholstery every time trends change. Popular colors include blue, green and gray, but don't be afraid to try bright colors like red or yellow, even if it's just on an accent wall. Finally, make sure there is plenty of light in your living room. If you have the option of including natural white light to the living, go ahead and incorporate it with additional windows or skylight. Recessed or track lighting are great ways to hit every corner of your living room too.

We have some great work contributed by prominent designers in this field. Take some time out, put your thoughts on paper and move towards refurbishing and infusing life into your living room!